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Who We Are

TIROTA is a groundbreaking communications and marketing partnership of two agencies: Tiller, LLC and Robertson Taylor Partners.
We have a passion for positive social change, demonstrated expertise in strategic communications, and an abiding commitment to achieving results with integrity and purpose.

Founded in 2003, Tiller, LLC is a nationally recognized leader in designing and executing advocacy marketing and strategic philanthropy programs that build brand and business while advancing the public interest. Tiller has worked with Fortune 500 corporations as well as leading foundations and nonprofit organizations on compelling, cause-driven communications programs focused on issues such as financial empowerment of women and minorities, lung cancer, childhood grief, foster care, home ownership, sustainable investing, news literacy and more.


The Tiller approach is award-winning, capturing numerous industry honors for excellence in public relations, writing and research; a Tiller-designed program to introduce young minority women to investing was cited by the Clinton Global Initiative as “one of 13 programs changing the lives of girls and women around the globe.”

Robertson Taylor Partners

Ric Robertson and Jonathan Taylor combined their more than 30 years apiece experience in the entertainment business in 2016 to form the unique communications and consulting company Robertson Taylor Partners. With Ric’s three-decades tenure as a senior executive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he has proven effectiveness in management, leadership and strategic vision.  Jonathan brings two decades as senior editor at leading entertainment publications and another 10-plus years in public relations, corporate communications and brand building.


They use this complementary tool kit to help multiple clients win Oscars® and other awards, launch new film and TV companies, shine positive light on associations and trade groups, and provide fresh and constructive guidance to every project.


As CEO of Tiller, LLC, Rob Densen helps major corporations develop high-impact advocacy marketing and strategic philanthropy programs   Over the course of a 35-year career as a journalist and advocate, he has advanced the public’s understanding of a wide range of issues from green consumerism, to the financial empowerment of women, to lung cancer, to childhood grief.


Rob is president of the Israel Cancer Research Fund, on the board of the Social Impact Exchange, and a partner in a start-up focused on the development and activation of purpose-driven content.

Rob Densen

Rob Densen

Ric Robertson

Ric Robertson

Ric Robertson’s three-decade tenure at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars®), most of it leading day-to-day operations, gives him unparalleled insights into how in-the-spotlight industry associations and high-profile television events work. There isn’t a  management or leadership challenge he hasn’t faced, and dealt with effectively.


He brings that expertise to Robertson Taylor Partners, a strategic consultancy, managing successful awards campaigns, building brands and identities, and offering useful guidance to companies, associations and individuals.

Jonathan Taylor

With 20+ years in entertainment journalism, including senior editorial positions at the Los Angeles Times, Variety and PMC Media/Deadline, followed by a successful Corp Comm and PR career, Jonathan Taylor has direct working relationships with key journalists and has mastered the art of crafting stories that produce results.


Now with Robertson Taylor Partners, a strategic consultancy, he enjoys success at securing key entertainment awards, building brands and giving strategic guidance to associations, growth companies and creative talent.

Jonthan Taylor

Jim Marren

Jim Marren

An award-winning writer, Jim Marren has held senior positions in global communications agencies, the Fortune 500 and higher education, specializing in message development, public opinion research, research based PR programs and editorial services.


As Tiller, LLC president, he has helped lead advocacy programs focused on financial literacy and empowerment, childhood bereavement, foster care, home ownership, environmentally-responsible investing, and many other issues. He is also volunteer communications director for a public-sector task force that facilitates municipal environmental-sustainability projects.

Heather Emerson

As Senior Vice President at Tiller, Heather helps companies design and implement charitable giving strategies and advocacy marketing programs to better serve their customers, employees and the community. Throughout her career, and while in the Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD program, Heather has worked on an array of social issues including financial empowerment among women and minority youth, foster care, childhood grief, diversity and inclusion in design and media literacy in the digital age.


She actively serves on the board of a private foundation that has played a lead role in a number of educational, cultural and economic development initiatives.

Heather Emerson
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