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The Case for TIROTA

Audiences are hungry for entertainment that explores vital social issues—and they want content creators to respond.
That's the key finding from a groundbreaking survey of 1,000
Americans commissioned by
TIROTA in late 2018.
Here's more of what we learned:
Now is the time for purpose-driven content—and the demand is overwhelming...

Nearly eight of 10 (77%) of Americans agree that “in the current political climate, movies and TV shows about social issues are all the more important.”

80% of Americans say they are attracted to movies and documentaries addressing important social issues or causes, and 80% believe the entertainment industry should produce more movies and TV series exploring such issues.

Socially driven entertainment makes audiences eager to get involved—but the opportunity is all too often missed...

Eight of 10 Americans agree that movies about important social issues often make them want to do something about the issue.

Just one in four Americans say the last purposeful movie they saw provided information on how to get involved—and 62% say it’s frustrating not to get that information.

Americans deeply want entertainment companies to help them turn their societal concern into action...

78% believe the entertainment industry should provide more information on how to take action on the issues their content explores.

There’s a lot to explore:  Americans are passionate about a broad spectrum of issues...

Asked which social issues they want movies to explore more often,

Americans cited

• racism/discrimination and physical or mental illness (17% each),

followed by...

• the environment/climate change/pollution (14%),

• gun violence (13%), and...

• veterans’ issues, crime/law enforcement/the criminal justice system,

and poverty (12% each)

Clearly, audiences want to improve

the world as well as be entertained.

And TIROTA has the skills, approach and experience to turn that desire into

effective action.

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