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We produce results for Purposeful Entertainment— combining industry-leading communications capabilities with unparalleled advocacy campaign building experience to create the potential for game-changing social action.

We do it by generating unprecedented levels of audience engagement—

for both social and commercial impact.

Here's what we can do for your purpose-driven content:
  • Longer shelf life

  • Affinity group distribution/partnerships

  • Issues-focused press coverage

  • More social media buzz

  • Less reliance on expensive paid media

  • Greater award season momentum and...


Cause-focused campaigns
to make content "must see," sustain interest, build relevance and lifespan
to reinforce cause's urgency, opportunity for action
to tap "free" sources of visibility—word of mouth, interest groups, issue-focused media
Information tools
to empower audiences
to act
We deliver uniquely comprehensive support, incorporating our solutions into all critical points of the entertainment content lifecycle.

The Concept

HELP creators shape a concept, develop ideas for advocacy-focused marketing support — getting to greenlight faster


NAIL DOWN the essential elements of the cause-focused initiative, including public opinion research, intellectual property, partner-ships with key allies, and more


DESIGN cause campaign, advocacy-flavored marketing — with tools to support audience action


LAUNCH cause campaign (prior to release) to build awareness, interest & anticipation

Release & Beyond

EXPAND cause campaign & launch media effort — to attract audience, lengthen project life, generate social action

We back up our process with expert capabilities, including:

Advocacy Campaigns

We design and execute communications campaigns that increase awareness of urgent societal causes and issues— and the efforts of our clients to make a difference.

Advocacy Campaigns

Strategic Partnerships

We connect our clients with potential allies, via our extensive relationships with entertainment-focused organizations and associations as well as advocates for social change in both non-profits and business.

Strategic Partnerships

Website Development

We help clients design and launch a Web presence— whether a cutting-edge destination site or a lower-cost approach—that memorably promotes content and gets audiences engaged.

Website Development

Social Media

We create effective and innovative social media-based campaigns that maximize viral opportunities and augment traditional media visibility effectively and cost-efficiently.

Social Media

Traditional PR

We have decades of experience showcasing client accomplishments, launching new brands and projects, and illuminating significant societal and industry trends, through our deep ties to news media across all channels covering entertainment, social advocacy, and the non-profit as well as corporate worlds.

Traditional PR

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