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Awards Strategists Ric Robertson, Jonathan Taylor Launch New Venture With Advocacy Agency Tiller

Robertson Taylor Partners, the boutique L.A.-based communications agency headed by awards strategists Ric Robertson and Jonathan Taylor, is joining forces with Tiller, a New York-based consultancy that advises companies on social advocacy campaigns, in a new joint venture called Tirota, which will assist filmmakers and entertainment companies in creating issue-oriented campaigns that have ongoing social impact.

In describing the new venture, Taylor explained to The Hollywood Reporter, "There is a real marketplace for purposeful films," citing examples like best picture Oscar nominees Green Book, on which he and Robertson have been working, and BlacKkKlansman. But when it comes to issue-oriented films that hope to promote social causes, he continued, "Hollywood has often satisfied itself with putting a URL on the end credits, simply saying 'for more information, go here.'"

Groundbreaking National Survey Finds:
Americans Attracted to Entertainment On Urgent Social Issues, But Frustrated By Lack Of Information, Opportunities to Take Action

Americans are eager for Hollywood to produce more purpose-driven entertainment, especially when it provides information on the underlying issue and opportunities to take action, according to the results of a groundbreaking survey released today by TIROTA, a new consultancy specializing in bolstering both the societal impact and bottom-line success of issue-focused entertainment.

Of the 1,000 adults surveyed, 80% say they are attracted (29% strongly) to movies and documentaries addressing social issues or causes, and another 80% believe (30% strongly) the entertainment industry should produce more movies and TV series exploring important social issues. Seventy-eight percent believe the industry should provide more information on how to act on the issues their content explores.

Entertainment Companies Seeking To Engage Audiences For Lasting Social Change Will Get A Boost With Launch Of TIROTA

Entertainment companies offering content that seeks to inspire social change will get help generating lasting impact and boosting box office thanks to TIROTA, a unique marketing communications partnership launching today.

This enterprise brings together Tiller, LLC, a New York-area consultancy that helps leading companies leverage the social value inherent in their products and services, with Robertson Taylor Partners (RTP), a Los Angeles-based boutique communications agency that helps entertainment companies maximize their communications and financial performance. The partnership is aimed at enhancing both the societal impact and bottom-line success of issue-focused motion picture, TV, streaming and music content.

TIROTA is built on the firms’ shared commitment to social change and the belief that coordinated, strategic communications campaigns can help purposeful content realize its considerable commercial as well as social potential.